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Welcome to Cold Spring Fire Co. No 1

The Cold Spring Fire Company No. 1 is located in the Village of Cold Spring, Putnam County New York.  We proudly protect 3500 people living in an area of 5 square miles.  We operate out of a headquarters located at 154 Main Street that protects a primarily residential area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a volunteer status.  We have an ISO rating of 5.

The Cold Spring Fire Company has a total of 125 men and woman and are led by Chief Matt Steltz and President Michael Bowman.  We respond on approximately 150 calls per year providing fire protection to the residents of the Villages of Cold Spring, Nelsonville and the Philipstown/Cold Spring Fire District. For information on joining, call the Firehouse at 845-265-9241 or email at:


CSFC Hosts Multi-Agency Mutual Aid Drill

Approximately 50 firefighters and apparatus from Cold Spring Fire Company, North Highlands Engine Company and Garrison Volunteer Fire Company gathered at the Cold Spring waterfront on Tuesday evening for a joint mutual aid drill.  The gathering, hosted by CSFC, and jointly conducted by CSFC Captain Josh DiNardo and NHEC Captain Jim Matero, focused on demonstrations and hands on training involving each agency’s apparatus, personnel and preplans.

Specifically, Captains Matero and DiNardo led the gathered firefighters through a series of exercises ranging from portable pool operations, feeding pumpers/primary attack from pools, explaining drafting operations – both from pools and from other sources such as the Hudson River or lakes, positioning of apparatus and equipment, and the use and operation of dry hydrants.

Firefighting infrastructure differs greatly throughout Philipstown.  Whereas the Village of Cold Spring is predominantly served by a municipal water system (hydrants), in North Highlands and Garrison territories those type of water sources are at a minimum.  Instead, historically these companies have depended on a system of tankers, dry hydrants and portable pools.  Due to water flow issues in the Village, the CSFC has also incorporated larger water capacity into it’s newest piece of apparatus, with the new 2-1 carrying 2500 gallons of water.  As a result, during any major incident in Philipstown tanker ops play an intricate and crucial role.  As part of standard county mutual aid agreements and agency preplans (building/location/incident specific scenarios) certain apparatus are automatically dispatched from neighboring companies to respond in conjuncture with the primary company.  In Cold Spring, for large structure fires mutual aid companies respond with tankers (more water) and ladders (for large elevation structures) – this system was in operation for the 2009 Christmas Eve fire which saw tankers coming from North Highlands, Garrison and Continental Village, as well as a ladder truck from the Village of Fishkill.

In all, the 90 minute training utilized equipment and manpower from all three agencies and simulated the communications and logistics required at a  large scale mutual aid fire scene.

The CSFC would like to thank the firefighters and officers from North Highlands and Garrison that participated, and also extend our appreciation to the businesses and residents near the waterfront and Dockside property.

*Interested in volunteering?  Fill out an application, stop by on one of our drill nights (every Tuesday @ 7:30pm) or give us a call 265-9241

CSFC Water Rescue Training

On Tuesday June 21st firefighters from the Cold Spring Fire Company No.1 descended upon the Cold Spring Boat Club and utilized their riverside docks for some water  rescue training.  The main focus of the session was to give basic instruction on how and when to use the dry/thermal suits, different rope rescue techniques, and ultimately to provide all members with the opportunity to wear the suits and get a feel for their capabilities.  The suits provide protection for rescuers under extreme water conditions, such as one might find along the Hudson River or the region’s lakes and ponds.

Hypothermia is the primary concern for first responders during any water rescue scenario.  No matter whether its the middle of January or the summer months, depending upon numerous factors (ranging from age, health, water/air temperature, dehydration, time of exposure, etc..) the loss of core body temperature can lead to health complications, shock and loss of life.

*Interested in volunteering?  Fill out an application, stop by on one of our drill nights (every Tuesday @ 7:30pm) or give us a call 265-9241

CSFC Wild Fire Suppresion Training

Tuesday night June 14th, firefighters from CSFC traveled to Little Stony Point with 13-3-1 (the company brush truck) and 13-3-2 (Polaris Ranger) for some hands on wild fire suppression training.  In the course of the drill firefighters were familiarized with the tools and equipment on 13-3-1, including utilizing chainsaws, rakes, and Pulaski tools to demonstrate wildfire suppression techniques and dig fire lines.  The brush pump on 13-3-1 was also utilized in order to familiarize drivers and firefighters with it’s operation and capabilities.

The Cold Spring Fire Company would like to remind residents that wild fire season runs from approximately March until November.  We live in a predominantly forested area, and the threat from lightning, discarded cigarettes, unattended camp fires, etc… is real.  Please be cautious and vigilant throughout the dry summer months and report any suspicious smoke to 911.

Map of NYS Fire Threat Zones

NYS Wild Fire Conditions Forecast

*Interested in volunteering?  Fill out an application, stop by on one of our drill nights (every Tuesday @ 7:30pm) or give us a call 265-9241!

CSFC Mutual Aid to Garrison for Serious Car Accident

On Sunday morning at approximately 10am, 911 was alerted to a severe single car accident at Route 9 and Old Albany Post Road.  According to witnesses a minivan containing three women veered off of Route 9, onto the shoulder, failed to navigate the curve near the Bird and Bottle Inn sign and crashed through the guardrail.  The van hit the bottom of a culvert head-on and  came to rest upside down in a small creek, entrapping the three occupants.  Firefighters and EMS were dispatched from Garrison Fire Company, and when the severity of the incident became apparent calls for mutual aid went out to Cold Spring Fire Company, North Highlands and Continental Village.

The Cold Spring Fire Company operated on Route 9 near Papa John’s Restaurant, securing a landing zone for a StatFlight helicopter.

*Interested in volunteering?  Fill out an application, stop by on one of our drill nights (every Tuesday @ 7:30pm) or give us a call 265-9241!

Cold Spring Fire Company Mountain Rescue

On Friday June 3rd, at approximately 7:50pm the Cold Spring Fire Company received a call for a stranded and possibly injured hiker along the Washburn (White) Trail somewhere near the abandoned Hudson River Stone Corporation Quarry.  Upon arrival on scene it was determined that the subject was more than a hundred feet off of the ground, precariously holding himself from falling.  Immediately, calls were placed for rescue helicopters from the New York State Police and the New York Police Department.  Shortly thereafter, two helicopters from the NYSP arrived on scene from Stewart ANG and attempted to look for an opening to lower a rescuer to the victim.  Unable to do so, and running low on fuel the helicopter temporarily returned to Stewart for refueling.  When it became apparent that the victim’s situation was continuing to deteriorate two firefighters from CSFC decided to attempt an approach to the victim from below.  Over the next hour the two firefighters were able to successfully climb the rock face and make contact with the victim, while another team of firefighters made the trek around the rim of the quarry to approach the victim from above.  With the refeuled NYSP helicopter now providing light on the scene, the firefighters were able to package the victim, provide them with water and secure a rope line over the rim of the quarry.  Upon arrival of the second team, they were able to work in conjunction to safely retrieve the victim up and off of the quarry face.  The victim was treated on scene.  In all, the operation took nearly five hours.

The Cold Spring Fire Company would like to thank the North Highlands Engine Company, the New York State Police, New York State Park Police, Philipstown Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Transcare Medics, and Cold Spring Police Department – who all responded and helped in the situation.


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