Cold Spring Fire Company No. 1 bio picture

Welcome to Cold Spring Fire Co. No 1

The Cold Spring Fire Company No. 1 is located in the Village of Cold Spring, Putnam County New York.  We proudly protect 3500 people living in an area of 5 square miles.  We operate out of a headquarters located at 154 Main Street that protects a primarily residential area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a volunteer status.  We have an ISO rating of 5.

The Cold Spring Fire Company has a total of 125 men and woman and are led by Chief Matt Steltz and President Michael Bowman.  We respond on approximately 150 calls per year providing fire protection to the residents of the Villages of Cold Spring, Nelsonville and the Philipstown/Cold Spring Fire District. For information on joining, call the Firehouse at 845-265-9241 or email at:


CSFC Ventilation Drill

On Tuesday evening Cold Spring Firefighters gathered at the Village Municipal Garage for a tools training and familiarization session, focusing on saws and roof ventilation. The focus of the drill was to teach firefighters proper use and handling of gas powered chainsaws and roof saws. This was accomplished by allowing members to demonstrate proper cutting skills by cutting wood pallets that stood in place of roof panels.

On the fire scene, firefighters may be tasked with “ventilating a roof” by cutting a hole with a roof saw or other means. This is done as part of a larger tactical plan in order to allow heat, smoke and gases to ventilate from a structure. If done correctly it will ease interior conditions and allow advancement of hoselines or search teams. Things such as proper depth of the cut, location of the cut, roof angle, etc. are essential in determining the effectiveness of the ventilation – and most importantly are essential in assuring the safety of firefighters on the roof, in the structure and on the fire ground.

*Interested in volunteering?  Fill out an application, stop by on one of our drill nights (every Tuesday @ 7:30pm) or give us a call 265-9241