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Welcome to Cold Spring Fire Co. No 1

The Cold Spring Fire Company No. 1 is located in the Village of Cold Spring, Putnam County New York.  We proudly protect 3500 people living in an area of 5 square miles.  We operate out of a headquarters located at 154 Main Street that protects a primarily residential area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a volunteer status.  We have an ISO rating of 5.

The Cold Spring Fire Company has a total of 125 men and woman and are led by Chief Matt Steltz and President Michael Bowman.  We respond on approximately 150 calls per year providing fire protection to the residents of the Villages of Cold Spring, Nelsonville and the Philipstown/Cold Spring Fire District. For information on joining, call the Firehouse at 845-265-9241 or email at:


CSFC 2012 Appeal


Before the traumatic events of Hurricane Sandy a few weeks ago, the Cold Spring Fire Company was out in full swing for our 2012 Annual Appeal to the Philipstown Community. In the wake of the storm we have been doing our best to assist folks in our local community, and throughout the tri-state area. Please take a moment to read our appeal letter. To those members of the community who have already donated, we thank you and will be taking an ad out in the local newspapers to acknowledge all of our supporters in the near future.

Donations can be mailed to the Cold spring Fire Company, 154 Main Street, Cold Spring, NY 10516.


Dear Neighbors,

For over one-hundred and sixteen years the men and women of the Cold Spring Fire Company No.1 have provided professional, well trained and fiscally responsible fire protection to the citizens of Cold Spring, Nelsonville and Philipstown. From our humble beginnings in 1896, when 19 civic minded citizens banded together to form the Cold Spring Hose Company, to the approximate 120 volunteer members of today, the CSFC has always been there in times of emergency. In the past year we have responded to over 150 calls for assistance ranging from structure fires, to mountain rescues – including numerous extreme weather events that caused flooding and wide spread power outages. On more than one occasion we opened our doors to those who were displaced, stranded or needed shelter. We never know what your emergency may be, so we must be prepared for everything.

We understand that times are tough. All of our volunteers either live or work in our community. We read the newspapers, we pay taxes. We know that the cost of living has risen. It has for us and our families too. That is the reason why fiscal responsibility has always been at the forefront of everything we do. Throughout our history, the Cold Spring Fire Company has successfully raised and saved funds to buy every new piece of equipment we have purchased, at no additional cost to the taxpayers. For example we recently combined the duties of two outdated fire-trucks into one new apparatus. In doing so we effectively saved approximately half a million dollars in possible tax burden. At a time when other departments are expanding equipment and operating costs, we are looking for ways to provide more cost effective fire protection, doing more with less.

Moving ahead the Cold Spring Fire Company will remain focused on the needs of the taxpayers we protect. Even though we have been fiscally responsible throughout our history, the burden of filling the gap between our operating budget and that money supplied to us by the municipalities that we protect, falls upon our shoulders. We are seeking donations from you, the community we serve and protect, to help us with that burden.

Looking toward the future, we are very excited by the prospect of constructing a new Company headquarters on Main Street. Our membership takes great pride in being in the center of the Village, and we are in the process of assessing the costs of equipping, maintaining and outfitting a new building for the needs of 21st century firefighting. Regardless of quarters, there are also federally mandated laws that govern equipment replacement, and we are currently in the initial phases of replacing all of our turn-out gear and breathing apparatus (SCBA) that are quickly approaching their service limits. This is a process that will reach into the tens of thousands of dollars. Last year your donations helped to equip 8 of our interior fire-fighters with new turnout gear, helmets and boots, a cost in excess of $1200 per volunteer. This is but the first stage of many.
Please give what you can; we see to it that every dollar goes a long way!

Thank you,

The Membership of the Cold Spring Fire Company No.1

*Interested in volunteering? Fill out an application, stop by on one of our drill nights (every Tuesday @ 7:30pm) or give us a call 265-9241